September 10, 2008

children of men

children of men movie posterThe first time I saw this movie  I was pretty impressed, but it wasn’t until the second time I saw it that I totally fell in love with the film.  And that was before I watched Zizek’s commentary on it.

For Zizek’s commentary on YouTube  [link here], for the written commentary [link here].

Its definitely the best apocalyptic film to date.   As Roger Ebert says, it avoids using aliens.  If and when the end of the world comes, it will happen like this… a heightening of differences,  which immediately creates the opposite effects.  England has closed its borders to all immigration, as the rest of the world devolves into chaos.  But the focus is not on the nuclear war in New York, or the plagues and starvation sweeping across the globe, its the break down of order within England itself.  -Sue Wright

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For movie description [link here].

 For trailer [link here].

 For interview with director and actors [link here].

 For an interview on the long takes [link here].

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