September 4, 2007


image12581.jpgSt. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, Downtown Syracuse

Worshipping God, Learning Compassion, Building Community

We stand at the corner of Montgomery and Fayette Streets in the heart of the City of Syracuse. To the north of us is City Hall; to the South, the County Government. In our Cathedral House is one of the largest feeding and job training programs for the homeless and working poor, the Samaritan Center. Across the street and down the street are the Onondaga Historical Museum and Civic Center. One block away on Columbus Circle is the Roman Catholic Cathedral. God has placed us at the center of governmental life, civil and cultural life, at an intersection where poor and rich alike pass by. We value our interchurch and interfaith connections, as we seek, with others, to be a light of God’s Good News in the heart of the city, and the Cathedral Church of an active diocese.

In the spirit of keeping all our doors open, we invite you to share our life, and to discover among us the God who seeks to make all things new. Please explore the pages of our web site. You may find your place in our life and community.

310 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202   contact us at: (315) 474-6053 or “is a website dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For almost 2,000 years clergy have sought to bear witness to the revelation of God in Christ, sensing therein, something distinctive, something different, something good. At the beginning of the twenty first century, the world is in need of this something different, something good. It is in need of Jesus.”

Provides important resources and conferences for clergy and laity.


Girardian Reflections Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary

Understanding the Bible Anew Through the Mimetic Theory of René Girard

By Paul Nuechterlein and friends

This award winning website is great for sermon prep!




Colloquium on Violence & Religion (COV&R)

Official website for exploration, criticism, and development of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory.



Wood Hath Hope Christian Community offers non-traditional bible studies, historically based, with an anthropology of non-violence.

Link here



The FeastThe Feast [Link here] Organic Liturgy in Syracuse, NY.  The feast is intended to be an interdenominational gathering of friends with the intention of sharing conversation, a meal, and spirituality in the Christian Tradition.

We do meals potluck style - so bring a dish to share if you can.  We also do our worship potluck style! - so use your creativity and bring a prayer, poem, song, reading, etc. to share.  Currently we meet at a different house each month.  If you don’t feel called to bring a dish or a piece for worship, come anyway! All are welcome at the table.

emergent matrix gatheringEmergent Matrix  [Link here] a monthly meetup which offers interesting topics to ponder and discuss.  The Emergent Matrix is a spiritual discussion group open to all. Food, drink and interesting topics. Meets one Tuesday of each month from 7:00-9:00pm at the Clarke’s Ale House or a similar venue, downtown Syracuse.  People of all beliefs, races, genders, ages and lifestyles are invited to discuss topics of spiritual interest to all.

raven-foundation-logo.jpgThe Raven Foundation: Making Religion Reasonable, Violence Unthinkable an Peace a Possibility.

If you listen to what the Raven knows, you may discover a surprising way to build a more peaceful world.

our blogs, vlogs, newsletter, events and evermore


imitatio-logo.jpgImitatio was conceived as a force to press forward the consequences of René Girard’s remarkable insights into human behavior and culture.

Imitation, Desire, Violence, Religion, Culture….

Mimetic or Imitative Theory is an explanation of human behavior and human culture. Human beings imitate each other in everything, including desire. As a result they choose the same objects and compete for them. Paradoxically, therefore, the same imitative  force as brings people together, pulls them apart.  []

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