May 20, 2008

movie reviews

from time to time I’ll post reviews of movies I’ve found inspiring, troubling, or provocative…. I’d also like to hear what you think about the movies you’ve seen… feel free to post a comment.

for the bible tells me so
for the Bible tells me so [Link to movie website]

I really liked this movie. it provided a very sensitive portrayal of the effects on people’s real lives when a loved one came out of the closet ….its hard to see how anyone, after watching this movie, could continue to condemn gays and lesbians.

for the bible tells me so

“the human stories, more than arguments from scripture or even genetic research, are in my mind the most convincing evidence that gays, lesbians, and transgendered must be allowed to live fully human lives!” -Sue

Have you seen the film? Tell us what you think in the comment box below….

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